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At Frosted Concepts, we aim to design and create the products of tomorrow. By utilizing the latest design tools, technologies and production processes our concepts are engineered to be different. 

Through our consulting and coaching services, Frosted Concepts can help you design, plan and implement your ideas to turn them into a reality. From services such as 3D design and rapid prototyping, product sourcing, and software development. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

We want to help shape the future through innovative and responsible concepts that will influence tomorrow and make the world a better place for all of us. 

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Meet Fixate

Fixate Gel Pads are designed to be the elegant solution for your fixing needs. By taking the design process of FIXATE right back to its very foundation - for you the user; We have created a gel pad for the people by the people. FIXATE Gel pads have a large surface area which makes them: Strong, Durable, Malleable, and extremely Versatile in their uses. In addition, by utilizing minimalist design principles we have created an elegant product that will compliment your devices,style and home. 

Stick Anything, Anywhere!